After completing his medical education and Urology residency at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, and receiving a training under the direction of Prof. Dr. Stephen Dretler at Harvard Medical School – Massachusetts General Hospital’s Kidney Stone Diseases Center in 1999, he made great successes in endoscopic treatments of kidney stone diseases. He continues successfully performing kidney stone treatments such as Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy (PNL) and Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS), which are still being used today.

He has more than 1000 cases of surgical experience in these procedures.

In 2004, Prof. Dr. Erdogru also received training under the direction Prof. Dr. J. Jens Rassweiler in Heilbronn Teaching Hospital of the University of Heidelberg in laparoscopic surgery field, which has become an important surgical procedure all over the world in the treatment of prostate, bladder and kidney cancers.

He still continues performing successful laparoscopic surgeries subsequent to more than 1000 cases of surgical experience in Turkey in many of the urologic diseases – prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and testicular cancer being in the first place.

With more than 400 conventional laparoscopic surgeries and more than 250 daVinci robotic surgeries performed since 2010, he is one of the leading urology specialists in our country who has adequate experience to combine these two techniques.

He took a place in medical literature for performing Laparoscopic and Robotic Pudendal Nerve Surgery on patients with chronic pelvic pain for the first time in the world, and named it ‘Istanbul Technique’.

During his 2 full terms of general secretariat of Endourology Society, Prof. Dr. Tibet Erdogru carried out training activities in our country.

He also carries out structuring and organizing of the training activities which are organized by Private Sector Urology Specialists Association he has been the head of for the past five years. These training activities have also aroused considerable interest in Europe. In the last eight years, he realized national and international (in countries such as Singapore, Brazil, Italy, Austria, Netherlands) 16 training projects that gained significant acceptance, and took part in them both as an organizer and a trainer.

In 2015 he presided the live broadcasted and most prestigious Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery Congress of the world ‘’Challenges in Laparoscopy & Robotics 2015’’ in Istanbul.

He is still the only doctor from Turkey who is a member of the scientific committee of this most prestigious Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgery Organization of the world.

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Office Address: UroKlinik, Istanbul

Hacı Adil Cad. Zerrin Sok. No:2

34330 Levent–Besiktas , Istanbul

Telephone : +90 (850) 399 1150

Fax: +90 (850) 399 1150


Web address:

  1. Degree Earned: M.D., Professor in Urology

Primary Topics in Urology Robotic & Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Urologic Oncology

Prostate Diseases

(Prostate Cancer, BPH, Prostatitis)

Kidney Stone Disease

(Flexible RIRC, PCNL)

Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Female & Male

Prof. Dr. Tibet Erdogru published numerous peer-reviewed articles on laparoscopic & robotic surgeries in Urology.

He performs advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgeries consists of

  • Robotic total intracorporeal nerve-sparing radical cystoprostatectomy and orthotopic ileal-neobladder reconstruction (without using stapler)
  • Robotic extraperitoneal nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy
  • Laparoscopic and robotics pudendal nerve decompression in pelvic pain syndrome
  • Robotic partial nephrectomy for enlarged kidney tumors (>6 cm diameter tumors)
  • Needloscopic (2-3 mm) pyeloplasty in UPJ obstruction

He also performs the laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy for vault vaginal prolapsus and radical surgeries in urologic oncology (especially nerve sparing oncologic surgery) using robotic and laparoscopic techniques.

He had 78 international, 45 national peer-reviewed scientific articles with more than 250 citations and more than 7 H-score.


Membership: European Association Urology

Endourology Society

Turkish Urological Association

Turkish Endourology Society

Turkish Uro-Gynenocology Association

Turkish Andrology Society

Association of Urology Specialists in Turkey, President


Clinical clerkship Abroad:

Clinical clerkship in Department of Anaesthesia

University of Glasgow

Royal Infirmary, Glasgow

Supervising Physician: Gavin N. C. Kenny

Dates: 1st-26th August,1988

Harvard University

Massachusetts General Hospital

Department of Urology, Kideny Stone Center


Training in endoscopic treatments in urinary tract stone disease

Supervising Physician: Stephen Dretler

Dates: 1st of October – 24th of December 1999

Heidelberg University

Heilbronn Klinikum Department of Urology


Training in laparoscopic urologic and oncologic surgery

Supervising Physician: Jens Rassweiler

1st of January – 30th of October 2004


Work Experience: October 1989-August 1990 Compulsary Service as a

primary care Physician at Mardin 2nd Health Center

September , 1990- September 1995

Istanbul University

Istanbul Faculty of  Medicine

Department of Urology

October 1995 – December 1998

The German Hospital of Istanbul, Department of


December 1998 – February 2011

Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine

Department of Urology

February 2011 – December 2016

Memorial Healthcare Group, Istanbul Atasehir Hospital

Department of Urology

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery Center

January 2017- present

ÜroKlinik Istanbul

Center of Excellence in Urology

Languages: Fluent in English


Istanbul University Research Foundation

1996 Certificate of Sucessful Researcher

2002 Alpay Kelami Award

Congress of Sexual Function Impairment and Infertility

13-15 June 2002

International Cardura Award of Pfizer, 2002.

Akdeniz University

Science and Encouragement Award 2003

7th Mediterranean Video-Endoscopic Workshop,

“UroVision-2004” Award, 22-24 April 2004, Antalya